St. John the Baptist leads Memorial Service in Community - 05/25/15

On Monday, May 25, 2015, the faithful of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Edwardsville, PA gathered to honor departed US service men and women on the occasion of Memorial Day.
The parishioners met at Memorial Park in Edwardsville, welcoming guests State Representative (120th district) Aaron Kaufer, Edwardsville Mayor Bernard "Ace" Dubaskas, members of the American Legion, members of the Edwardsville Police and Fire Departments, and many community members.
Parish Vice President Joseph Kaucher reminded everyone of the sacrifices made by those we remembered. Mayor Dubaskas continued the theme by thanking them and their families. Representative Kaufer finished by also thanking those that serve in the public sector.
Prayers for the departed veterans were sung by Father George Volkovinsky and the choir. The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America were also sung by those gathered.
This was the first time the parish has led an event like this in the community. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the parishioners look forward to making this an annual event, and hope that other local parishes in the neighborhood would join in.

Memorial Park in Edwardsville, PA.
Memorial Park in Edwardsville, PA.
Joe Kaucher and Fr. George discuss the service with Mayor Dubaskas
Many friends and guests were greeted.
Joseph Kaucher delivers remarks.
Fr. George Volkovinsky, Edwardsville Mayor Dubaskas, and State Representative Kaufer.
Mayor Dubaskas delivers remarks,
State Representative Aaron Kaufer delivers remarks.
Prayers for the departed were sung by the choir.
The Edwardsville Police and Fire Departments attended.
"Photo" Presbyter Michael Evans documents the event.
Fr. George leads the prayers of remembrance.