DOEPA hosts luncheon for the widowed clergy wives - 07/18/09

On Saturday, July 18, His Grace, Bishop Tikhon hosted a luncheon at the Diocesan Center for the widowed clergy wives of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania. Eight Matushki enjoyed a meal prepared by chancery staff and engaged in a lively discussion of the joys and struggles facing them.

Concerns were expressed over the spiritual and financial challenges that arise when a clergy wife loses her husband and co-laborer. It was hoped that a support network for the wives might be established to offer guidance at the time of the death of the priest and a real sense of community throughout the rest of their lives.

Future events were discussed including another luncheon within the next year and the Clergy Wives Weekend to be held at Holy
Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwook City on November 7 and 8 of this year.