Missionary Christina helps at a summer camp - 07/27/09

Missionary Christina Semon participated in an Orthodox Christian camp for Romanian teenagers this summer.
The Association of Orthodox Christian Students in Romania (ASCOR) coordinated the camp which is now in its fifth year.  In previous years, OCMC teams came to Romania to aid in the camp.  This is the first summer that the students were able to operate the event without the missionary team.  The theme of the camp was "All for one and one for all". The campers ages ranged from 12 to 18, with a total of 38 children.  They had camp fires, sang songs, conducted morning and evening prayers, organized sports activities and crafts.  They also discussed various topics with the priest and had small group discussions.
These are the camp grounds. There were a total of 55 participants of the summer camp.
Mihai showing Christina and the campers how to make prayer ropes.
The campers are making bracelets.
The teenagers were making necklaces with crosses.
The whole camp group.
Camp director Radu Copil.