Lazarus Saturday Baptisms in Harrisburg - 03/27/10

On Saturday, March 27th (Lazarus Saturday) eight Catechumens were receiced into the Body of Christ, the Holy Orthodox Church at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Harrisburg, PA. Three were Baptized and five were received through Holy Chrism. Our parish community is thankful to Almighty God for His mercy and Divine Providence, which brought us these "newly sealed, and enlisted warriors of Christ our God" and we pray that we may continue to grow as a family in Christ, "bearing one anothers burdens" and sharing the Good News of His Gospel. May He plant His servants: Seraphim (Jamie), Elizabeth (Jennifer), Andrea, Sean, Euphemia (Jennifer), Catherine (Grace), Mary (Evelyn), Suzanne, and Mariah - as plants of truth, and continue to build them on the foundation of His Apostles and Prophets.