Clergy Workshop: Parish Revitalization - 09/20/11

On Tuesday September 20th, Mr. Joe Kormos, Parish Health Coordinator of the Diocese of the Midwest, at the invitation of His Grace Bishop Tikhon and the Parish Revitalization Committee, presented a workshop to the diocesan clergy on parish revitalization. The event was held at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Stroudsburg. Fr. Nicholas Solak and his parishioners provided a very hospitable welcome and luncheon to His Grace and the clergy. The workshop focused on the elements of the Parish Health Inventory developed in the Diocese of the Midwest and currently under review for adaptation for the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania. Mr. Kormos explained how the elements of the inventory were arrived at and how they apply to parish life, as an assessment of health and guide to revitalization. The workshop also included an opportunity for clergy questions about the presentation and discussion with His Grace and each other about key issues in the process of parish life and their impact on revitalization.

In the course of the workshop His Grace asked the clergy to complete an anonymous survey devoted to clergy health as a tool for him to assess the needs of his clergy. His Grace stated his intention to hold a retreat in the future devoted to the topic of clergy health, since clergy health is essential to parish health and revitalization. The survey received favorable comments from the clergy present who found it a valuable exercise for themselves and an assuring sign of their bishop’s care for their overall welfare.

The workshop itself also found a very favorable response from the clergy who see it as a vital step in the ongoing process of revitalization. Hopes were expressed that follow through on specific initiatives and regular opportunities for ongoing discussion would continue in the months to come.

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