50th Anniversary of Fr. Nicholas Harris - 09/24/11

Saturday, September 24, marked the 50th anniversary of Fr. Nicholas Molodyko-Harris.  Fr. Nicholas formerly served in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania (Pottstown and Baltimore) in his early career.  He founded St. Innocent's Cathedral in 1967 in Anchorage, AK.  Fr. Nicholas is the father of two diocesan clergy wives- Mat. Tamara Cowan and Mat. Anastasia.

A celebration was held at Holy Apostle's Mission, Mechanicsburg, for Fr. Nicholas' 50th Anniversary to the priesthood, as well as the 50th wedding anniversary to Mat. Anastasia.  His Grace, Bishop Tikhon, presided at the Divine Liturgy Saturday morning, the feast of the Holy New Martyrs of Alaska.  Serving along with His Grace were Fr. Nicholas, Fr. Tim Hojnicki (church rector),Fr. David Cowan, Fr. Daniel Ressetar, Fr. Michael Slovesko, and Fr. Srboljub Jakovich.  In attendance were Met. Theodosius, Fr. Michael Hatrak and Mat. Tamara.