Revitalization Committe Meeting, Catasauqua - 11/19/11

The Diocesan Revitalization Committee met at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Catasauqua. Following the singing of the Akathist to St Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, the Committee met with Fr. Tim Hasenecz and 11 members of the parish in the hall. Mr. Mark Linnehan summarized the work of the Committee and described the process  of  adapting the  Parish Health Inventory Model (PHIM)  document for use in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania.  


This was followed by  a  high  level  overview  presentation of  the PHIM process and  how  it  might  be  applied  at  Holy  Trinity  specifically  and  at  other parishes  within the diocese. Attendees engaged in extensive discussion about Holy  Trinity parish, its  history, current  situation/environment,  struggles  and challenges, and objectives.