St. John the Baptist hosts Church School Halloween Party - 10/28/12

On Sunday, October 28, the Sunday School of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church held a Halloween Party in Repella Hall. The children learned about the origins of Halloween, and were "treated" with games, food and fun. Donut chomp, pumpkin decorating, Witch Pitch candy corn toss, and the pumpkin roll games were followed by ice cream sodas to ensure the children were more than sugared up for their return home. Just in case, they were all given early treats to take with them. The parish was honored to welcome guests from Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Wilkes-Barre to share in Orthodox fellowship!

The children decorate pumpkins.
Getting it JUST so.
Mom lends a hand
Time for the donut chomp!
Look at Flash!
ALMOST have it!
I think I can...
Getting wiggly to get a donut!
Witch Pitch!
Your high scorer!
Off to the races
Great job!
Treats for the guests
Ice cream sodas for all
The calm before the storm - 2 hours of sugary treats!
Left to Right: Christopher Dutko, Oliivia Dutko, Jordyn Dutko, Michael Browne, Ryan Doh, Adam Doh, Vladimir Gingo, James Browne, Grace Browne, Maxim Gingo