Latest Phase of Icon Project at Christ the Saviour - 12/22/13

Over the past two years, the community at Christ the Saviour has been preparing for our latest phase of Iconography. The project began in August 2012 with the painting of our ceilings in a celestial blue. In August 2013 our altar was adorned with liturgical "toweling" written by iconographer Cheryl Ann Pituch. Just recently, in November 2013,  iconographer Fr. Theodore Jurewicz returned to begin the prophetic rank in the upper/"dome" portion of the church. During this visit he completed: 


Upon his return in March 2014 he will work towards completing:

We are thankful to the many donors who have provided the funding for this latest beautification project, and our iconography committee who helped coordinate the effort. We are especially thankful to Fr. Theodore for sharing the talent that God has entrusted to him, in such vibrant and beautiful icons. We are mindful that icons are an important teaching tool of our Holy Orthodox Church - vividly showing us the promises God made to our fathers, which are fulfilled in our Lord, Jesus Christ. As we pray during the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great:

"Thou didst speak to us by the mouth of the prophets, foretelling to us the salvation which was to come; Thou didst give us the law as a help; Thou didst appoint angels as guardians. And when the fullness of time had come, Thou didst speak to us through Thy Son Himself, by whom Thou didst also make the ages..."