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73rd Annual Commencement • St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary

The 73rd Annual Commencement at St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary will take place on Saturday, May 23, 2015, beginning at 1PM. CLICK HERE for detailed information on the banquet

Attention all Diocesan Graduates!

Members of the Class of 2015: Congratulations on your accomplishment, you worked hard and have met your goal. Now it is time for the recognition and accolades! Please submit your photo and brief biography (name, name of parish, parents' names, where you have graduated from, and your future plans) to the Diocese for inclusion in the upcoming graduate issue of Alive in Christ. Do NOT place photo in a Microsoft Word document - please send photo as a seperate JPG file. Deadline is July 1, 2015. Don't delay!


160 Shade Tree Road
Shavertown, PA 18708

Assembly of Bishops launches national study on giving in US parishes

An ongoing national study — “Exploring Orthodox Generosity: Giving in US Orthodox Parishes” — has been launched by the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA. “We need and invite as many pariticipants as possible,” said Alexei D. Krindatch, the Assembly’s Research Coordinator. “Both Orthodox clergy and laity are invited to take part in this unique project.”

The study is being conducted as an on-line survey and may be accessed here.

National Study of US Orthodox Churches

 Mr. Alexei Krindatch, Research Coordinator for the Assembly of Bishops, invites the parishes of the Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania to participate in a "National Study of US Orthodox Parishes."  You can review the survey questionnaire at THIS LINK.  Please share that link with other parishes and Orthodox Brethren and encourage their participation in the Study.  If you have any questions concerning this, please direct them to Mr. Krindatch.  Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Freely Receive, Freely Give

The presentation, "Freely Receive, Freely Give" from the 2015 Diocesan Assembly is now online for viewing. It gives a comprehensive look at Christian Stewardship and Proportional Giving. View "Freely Receive, Freely Give" HERE.

Volunteers needed for Finance Committee

At the Diocesan Council Meeting on March 10th of this year His Eminence Archbishop MARK established a Finance Committee for the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania. This Committee needs volunteers from the Diocese. Can you help? CLICK HERE.

18th All American Council Announced

The 18th All American Council will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from July 20-24, 2015. The theme of the Council is "How to Expand the Mission." More information on this historic event can be found at THIS LINK

OCA Statute Revisions Available for comments by Church-at-large

The Holy Synod of Bishops recently blessed the general release of the revised Statute of the Orthodox Church in America for general review by the Church. The finalized revised Statute will be presented at the 18th All-American Council [AAC] in Atlanta, GA July 20-24, 201 More information can be found on the OCA Website.

2015 FOCA Convention

In 2015 both the AAC and The FOCA's 89th Annual Convention will occur concurrently. For the latest information visit the FOCA Website.

Calling all youth and youth volunteers!

In the past, the OCA Department of Youth and Young Adult in conjunction with the Department of Christian Education was very successful in reaching hundreds of OCA youth and young adults at the All American Councils. We are bringing back the program in an attempt to reach out to our youth and help them to grow in the church and meet other Orthodox Christians from across the OCA. Click HERE for more information

Proposed Diocesan By-Laws - Please Review and Provide Feedback

UPDATED! February 28, 2015
Proposed Diocesan By-Laws have Been Updated - Please Review

Dear to God,
The Proposed Diocesan By-Laws have been on this website since September for your review and input in anticipation of presenting them to the Diocesan Assembly in January 2015.  They are substantially based on the Statutes of the Orthodox Church in America as it appears on the OCA website. We were recently informed by the Statutes Revision Committee that there has been at least one amendment and / or clarification to the Statutes at an All American Council several years ago which is not reflected in the online document.  His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, chair of the Statutes Revision Committee prefers to speak of clarification rather than revision. Nevertheless, as there will be important clarifications made, it seems prudent to postpone approval of the Diocesan By-Laws until after the All American Council in Atlanta, GA, where the Revised Statutes will be presented.  The Proposed Diocesan By-Laws will then be reviewed and edited to include Revised Statutes approved in Atlanta in 2015.    Please send any feedback and/or suggestions to Bishop MARK.  As we know the Statutes of the OCA are the overriding Document and all Parish By-Laws must be in accord with the Statutes and have the Blessing of the Bishop to be valid.
Your unworthy father in Christ,

Bishop of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania

Proposed Parish By-Laws

Christ is in our midst!

Here you will find the "Proposed Template" for parishes desiring to adopt a set of By-Laws where there are none or update them in cases where the old By-Laws are incongruent with the Statutes of the OCA or simply out of date. We welcome feedback on these "Proposed Parish By-Laws."  Additionally, we encourage every parish to develop a Mission Statement for their parish and specifically identify ways they intend to fulfill their missionary calling and submit it to the Diocese for approval.

+ Mark, Bishop of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania


New Diaconal Program at St. Stephen's Cathedral


A two-year course of studies now being offered in Philadelphia at St Stephen's Othodox Cathedral for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

Through serving in the altar, singing in the choir, and studying graduate-level material in Scripture, Church History, Liturgics and
Spirituality, St Tikhon's Diaconal Formation program immerses students in the life of the Orthodox Church and prepares them for their future service in their parishes.

For more information please see the FLYER.

February Events at Agia Sophia

Events for February 2015 at the Agia Sophia Coffehouse have been updated. Thank you for your continued support!

Fr. Alexis Trader: Being Christian in a Post-Christian World

The following link will take you to a series of four guest posts from Fr. Alexis Trader, a priestmonk and spiritual father of Karakallou Monastery on the Holy Mountain, and author of In Peace Let Us Pray to the Lord: An Orthodox Interpretation of the Gifts of the Spirit.

Fr. Alexis has recently released a new book and it is about his new book that he now writes.  CLICK HERE TO READ

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